Teacher Perceptions of Effectiveness of a Blended Learning Program at a Public Charter Middle School ( 5th-8th Grade) in A Large City in Texas


  • Amanda Baca Sam Houston State University
  • Casey Creghan Sam Houston State University
  • Robert Maninger Sam Houston State University


blended learning, character, academic achievement


This research analyzed teacher perceptions of the effectiveness of a blended learning program at a public charter middle school (5th-8th grade) in a large city in Texas. The aim of the study was to highlight teacher opinion in order to gain insight into how effective the program was perceived in regards to academic growth and character development. Secondly, the study sought to gain insight into the underlying causes for that level of perceived effectiveness. Study results indicated that teachers believe that after the first two years of implementation, the program had a highly positive impact on student academic achievement, but only a somewhat positive impact on character development. Teachers reported specific recommendations for a more successful program, such as additional ongoing professional development, clear ownership and expectations for teaching digital citizenship to students, and better administrative support to address ongoing challenges.