School-wide Classroom Management


  • Katlyn Attebery Sam Houston State University
  • Karla Eidson Sam Houston State University
  • Jaime Coyne Sam Houston State University


classroom management, PBIS, SEL, culture, elementary school


An effective classroom management model is essential for creating a positive culture within a school and classroom environment. There are numerous models and programs, such as Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS), Social Emotional Learning (SEL) models, and other classroom management models. In this study, research was conducted to determine the impact of the implementation of a school-wide classroom management model on the school culture, specifically referrals, teacher retention, student attendance, parent, and teacher perspectives. The data collected includes student attendance, student behavioral referrals, and teacher retention a year prior to the implementation and the two years after the implementation, along with parent and teacher surveys. The findings indicate that although there was little impact on teacher retention and attendance, the culture and climate after two years did have a positive impact shown by significant decreases in behavior referrals and positive teacher and parent feedback.


Author Biography

Karla Eidson, Sam Houston State University

School of Teaching and Learning

Associate Professor